The 3DKeralux project starts in January 2022, financed by the Instituto Valenciano de Competitividad Empresarial (IVACE) through the FEDER European Regional Development Funds (IMDEEA/2022/4) and the collaboration of the companies Mario Pilato Blat, S.A., Neos Additives, S.L. y Cerámica Meridiano, S.A.U. (Cermer).
The aim of this project is to universalise the use of additive manufacturing techniques based on the photopolymerisation of resins for the manufacture of ceramic parts. This project aims to provide a global solution to this problem, including the adaptation of ceramic resins on the market for use in any machine, as well as the optimisation and improvement of the post-processing stage of the manufactured parts.
The positive outcome of the project could lead to a large reduction in the cost of applying these technologies to the manufacture of parts with advanced ceramics, thus bringing benefits to various sectors.
The specific objectives of the project are:

1.- Select the resins and additives suitable for the preparation of the parts to be studied.
2.- Formulate and characterise suspensions for printing. Among the properties to be studied are
2.1 Viscosity.
2.2 Stability.
2.3 Solid concentration.
2.4 Particle size distribution.
3.- Carry out printing tests and adapt the printing parameters.
4.- Improve the post-processing of the printed pieces.
4.1 Study of the post-processing variables.
4.2 Optimisation of sintering.
4.3 Characterisation of the final parts.
5.- Transfer the results obtained.
This project will be developed in 1.5 years according to the following flowchart: